DS-6 IP Flush-mounted Dispatcher Console

Individual modules with the ability to expand up to 48 subscriber keys


The DS-6 dispatcher panel serves to establish direct voice connections with other intercoms, loud announcements, as well as the use of programmable local functions. The flush-mount housing of the dispatcher panel enables installation of the device in switchboards and control desks of dispatcher centers.

Functionally, DS-6 IP Embedded Dispatcher Control Desk is fully identical with DS-6 MTSD Dispatcher Control Desk, but is hardware designed as a modular unit. The dispatcher console consists of a keypad with subscriber keys, a built-in speaker, an electret microphone mounted on a flexible holder, and a separate housing with electronics and connectors. The size of the keypad and loudspeaker housing is 96 mm x 96 mm - matching IEC 61554 mounting holes.

In addition to the assignment keys for intercom / PA, the DS-6 panel-mounted call station includes a volume control function as well as speech memory. The speech memory is a USB drive that is mounted on a circuit board inside the electronic enclosure. This USB drive provides standard audio signals and text messages. In addition, it can be loaded with customized announcements, sound sequences or other audio files that can be played at the touch of a key.

- Up to 48 subscriber keys can be integrated into the control panel
- Dynamic built-in loudspeaker, 1 W / 8 Ohm
- Electret microphone fixed on a flexible boom (420 mm or 550 mm)
- High speech intelligibility (12 kHz bandwidth)
- Freely programmable keys as WL target keys or for local functions
- Functions configurable via DS-6
- Mute and silent mode (12 dB reduction in level)
- Direct speech connections with target key selection
- Microphone monitoring
- Speech memory connector
- Fewer cables required
- USB drive for playback of pre-recorded voice messages

Additional Information

Serial numer:  1 2XX X