MTSD Up0 intercom

With optional dial pad


"The MTSD Up0 Multifunction Control Desk is used in combination with the Up0 adapter in both the DS-6 decentralized communication system and the extended TIMM system.

It serves to make direct speech connections with other intercoms, loudspeaker messages, as well as programmable local functions.

The dispatching desk Art.-18267 has 8 linear keys with LEDs, which allows direct communication with 8 subscribers. If more subscribers are required, use the intercom Art.-No. 18256 with an additional dial pad. In this case, the number of line keys is limited to six, as two of the keys perform the functions "Call" and "Cancel dialling" respectively.

The MTSD Up0 multifunction desk top unit is connected directly via one of the eight Up0 ports of the DS-6 Up0 adapter. The desk top unit can be powered via the same cable so no additional power supply is required. Phantom power (two-wire connection) for short distances is also provided. In case of unfavorable conditions for cable connection, plugs or table power supplies for local power supply are available, see under accessories.

The keys of the control panel with dial pad can be configured as fixed line keys. Direct speech connections to up to 20 subscribers are thus possible. No LED indication is provided for the additional line keys of the dial pad. The dial pad function is not available in this case.

Direct speech connections using target key selection
- Functions configurable via DS-6
- High speech intelligibility (12 kHz bandwidth)
- Freely programmable keys as WL target keys or local functions
- Microphone mounted on a flexible boom (300mm)
- Fewer cables required
- Built-in speaker, 8 ohms
- Detachable linear LED illuminated keys
- Shock-resistant, durable ABS plastic housing

Additional Information

Serial numer:  1 82X X