MTSD DS-6 IP42 Control Desk

Extension to 112 keys


The MTSD DS-6 IP42 control panel is used in the DS-6 decentralized communication system.

It allows direct voice connections to other intercoms, hands-free messaging, and provides other programmable local functions.

An integrated display offers additional parameters for status and fault display in plain text. The MTSD DS-6 control panel has 16 line keys. Expansion to 64 or 112 line keys is possible with a suitable optional enclosure. In addition to the assignment buttons for WL / EL, the dispatcher console has a volume control and voice memory. It meets the requirements of a reference station. A USB memory stick is available as a voice memory, which is located on the circuit board inside the dispatcher console. This USB drive contains standard tones and texts and can also be loaded with announcement texts, tone sequences or audio files as desired and thus played back at the touch of a button.

The power supply of the intercom is provided as standard via Power Over Ethernet. A local power supply with various adapters is possible (see accessories section in the description).

- Direct speech connections using target key selection
- Functions configurable with DS-6 / TIMM
- High speech intelligibility (12 kHz bandwidth)
- Freely programmable keys as WL target keys or local functions
- Microphone mounted on a flexible boom (300mm)
- Off and quiet mode (12dB reduction)
- Fewer cables required
- Built-in speaker, 8 ohms
- Expandable up to 112 keys
- Shock-resistant, rugged ABS plastic enclosure
- Two-line LCD display with backlight
- Microphone monitoring

Additional Information

Serial numer:  1 08X X