DS-6 audio device

with 8 parallel channels and the ability to record up to 254 audio files


The DS-6 audio device is designed to store voice messages and audio signals in the DS-6 decentralized communication system.

Up to 254 audio files, such as announcement texts or alarm tones, can be stored in a total of eight parallel channels of the DS-6 Audio Device and retrieved by any appropriately configured device on the DS-6 network or TIMM.

The standard SD card used in the DS-6 audio device supports up to 240 minutes of audio capacity at 24 kHz sampling rate. To provide as much flexibility as possible, all eight channels share this storage.

Audio can be output to microphones in the communications system as well as over loudspeakers in public places. Audio files are stored inside the device. Audio files can be transferred to the DS-6 audio device via the DS-6 network or they can be negotiated using the selected microphone unit on the DS-6 network.

The DS-6 audio unit has two Ethernet ports for use on a redundant network.

- Eight parallel channels can be used individually and without locking
- Up to 254 audio files can be recorded and played back
- Network operation with support for backup function
- Can record up to 240 minutes
- Configurable on the DS-6 network via TIMM Config or on the unit itself via USB
- Audio files can be retrieved from any configured device on the DS-6 network or the upstream TIMM network
- 1 double sided contact for fault indication
- Fuse monitoring
- Temperature monitoring
- Alarm indication (Watchdog)

Additional Information

Serial numer:  3 329 7