All-weather compact digital IP intercom


The WFD-KOMPAKT IP all-weather analog compact intercom system communicates directly with other intercom systems and broadcasts messages. It can be used both indoors and outdoors in hostile environments such as heavy industry.

Its compact design allows it to be used in the smallest of spaces. Full compatibility with the DS-6 and TIMM decentralized system, as well as PoE power supply enable a wide range of applications.

Optionally, the intercom can be mounted in a column, which is used as a stand.

The intercom is available in orange (RAL 2004) and golden yellow (RAL 1004). Production in other colors is by agreement.

Full compatibility with DS-6 / TIMM systems
- DS-6 / TIMM remote setup and monitoring function
- Direct speech connections with target key selection
- Freely programmable keys as WL target keys or for local functions
- Adjustable loudspeaker volume
- High speech intelligibility (12 kHz bandwidth)
- Built-in 8 ohm loudspeaker
- Microphone monitoring
- Secondary priority circuitry as standard
- Programmable speaker power reduction, e.g. for night time operation
- Power over PoE interface
- Optional industrial USB card with recorded announcements and alarms
- Fewer cables required

Additional Information

Serial numer:  1 875 1