Loudspeaker with pre-horn

100 V technology


The all-weather pre-horn loudspeaker models for use in communications, public address or evacuation applications with 100V technology are ideal for speech and voice announcements even in acoustically challenging environments due to their excellent speech intelligibility.

They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The gray plastic housing is made of selfextinguishing PC/ABS material and is therefore resistant to environmental influences. Thanks to the recycled material, the speakers can withstand extreme temperatures and have a stainless steel tilt-and-turn bracket for flexible wall and ceiling mounting.

The speakers with a preheater chamber each have two M20 cable glands (sleeves) for entry The connection cables connect internally to a 4-pin terminal. A matching transformer, mounting material, and a tuned high-pass filter are included.

- Matching transformer for 100V technology with power regulation
- Built-in high-pass filter
- Weatherproof and self-extinguishing ABS plastic enclosure
- Suitable for wall and ceiling mounting
- Resistant to exhaust fumes, de-icing salts and road dust
- V2A swivel and tilt mounting bracket
- Certified in accordance with EN 54-24 / BS 5839

Additional Information

Serial numer:  4 92X X