All-weather digital Uk0 intercom

WFD-EX explosion-proof


The explosion-proof, weatherproof digital WFD EXPROOF call stations enable direct speech connections with other call stations and loudspeaker announcements in potentially explosive environments.

By pressing the robust double toggle speech buttons, light barriers (opto-couplers) are activated without contact, which allows permanent use in aggressive, humid and also dusty environments, especially in areas enriched with explosive gases and dusts. For special applications, the call station can optionally be manufactured with a protective coating. Please contact us for more information.

The microphone units are designed for wall mounting and must be grounded.
In cases where wall mounting is not possible, an optional pedestal is available.

The WFD EXPROOF microphone units cannot be extended with additional housings

Die Sprechstellen sind für eine Wandmontage vorgesehen und müssen geerdet werden.
In Fällen, wo keine Wandmontage möglich ist, steht eine optionale Standsäule zur Verfügung.

Die WFD EXPROOF Sprechstellen können nicht durch Zusatzgehäuse erweitert werden.

- Full compatibility with DS-6 system via UK0 Адаптер.
- Two-wire technology with 6 km range
- Noise compensated electret microphone
- 25W / 100Volt additional amplifier1) solderless field retrofittable
- Integrated loudspeaker designed as a pressure chamber system
- Dial keypad and double toggle talk buttons upgradable and replaceable thanks to "plug & play".
- Microphone sensitivity as well as integrated loudspeaker and 25 watt auxiliary amplifier1) adjustable directly on site
- EL operation with own additional loudspeaker1) as standard
- Service friendly modular design
- Explosion protection through flameproof enclosure
- Completely metalized inner enclosure prevents electromagnetic incompatibility (EMC)
- Dust and watertight fiberglass-reinforced polyester housing

Additional Information

Serial numer:  1 5XX X