PACE-VA EN 54-16

Sound Alert Center


PACE-VA is an ultra-compact, multi-channel sound reinforcement system.

It is used for high-quality transmission of alarm and evacuation signals as well as general information and music.

The PACE-VA meets all requirements of EN 54-16 and is designed to be used as a voice and emergency announcement system (SAA) in compliance with VDE0833-4 and to support a planned evacuation by setting alarm sequences. High availability during operation, arbitrary network topology, and redundancy connectivity enable the PACE-VA to be used for all security levels and in all classes of buildings. Standard protocols are used to connect external network components, and the structure and configuration of the PACE system is very simple thanks to the automatic detection feature in WeNet.

Transmission path monitoring and integrated error checking of all system interfaces and ports reduce inspection and maintenance effort.
A wide range of products and accessories for the PACE-VA enables flexible expansion and adaptation of this system to different applications.

- Certified to EN 54-16 and compliant with VDE 0833-4 and EN 50849
- Up to 4 simultaneous parallel streams on loudspeaker lines
- Built-in TTS (Text-to-Speech) processor
- Integrated VoIP
- Low-voltage emergency power supply with full performance
- DSP features: filter, equalizer, adjustable delay, volume control, channel mixer
- Integrated 4 port Ethernet switch
- Up to 4 audio inputs
- Up to 4 audio outputs
- Up to 8 galvanically isolated, quiescent current controlled control inputs
- Up to 4 galvanically isolated control inputs with additional quiescent current control
- Up to 4 galvanically isolated control inputs with additional quiescent current monitoring
- Up to 8 galvanically isolated control outputs
- Up to 4 galvanically isolated, standby-current monitored control outputs
- Up to 4 galvanically isolated inputs with power supply for measurements [I20mA]"

Additional Information

Serial numer:  3 344 4