DS-6 Annunciatio

ELA monitoring and control device


The DS-6 PA-Control is the ELA control device in the DS-6 system that is responsible for controlling and monitoring a 100V loudspeaker system with a maximum amplifier power of 2 x 250 watts.

With its compact 19" and 1 HU size, the DS-6 PA-Control replaces numerous individual components with high wiring costs.
Connecting a sound system containing the DS-6 PA-Control is accomplished with ready-made cables.

Depending on the PA-Control version, the configuration is made with four keys directly on the unit, and in the case of PA-Control II only through a serial interface on the unit. As an additional option, remote connection is possible, in which case the serial interface is integrated into the network with additional components that are available as accessories.

- 2 fully independent channels for fully redundant operation, each with 2 DS-6 Ethernet RJ45 LAN interfaces
- Loudspeaker circuit impedance monitoring
- Loudspeaker loop open and short circuit monitoring
- Loudspeaker ground fault monitoring
- N+1 amplifier monitoring
- One (1) or optionally up to 6 zones or loudspeaker circuits can be controlled per channel
- Volume reduction during night time
- Amplifier failure monitoring also during broadcasting
- No monitoring of the control signal is required for automatic switching to a standby amplifier, no additional power loss on the amplifier
- 1 or optional 2 loudspeaker loop monitoring
- Optional volume control depending on ambient noise
- Network control
- Critical and non-critical alarm contact N/O and NC
- Depending on device, RS232 interface for configuration and error messages on front and rear panel or control panel with display and -RS232 interface for configuration and error messages on rear panel
- 40 V to 60 V controllable power input

Additional Information

Serial numer:  3 343 3
3 342 2