LTE Emergency Call Column


SOS emergency call column with 4G/LTE support is designed for use at ground stops or platforms of local and intercity public transport, as well as in emergency notification systems of public transport companies, in emergency call systems on highways, tunnel crossings, and provides direct internal communication with the central emergency call dispatch center. With a built-in solar panel power supply, the 4G/LTE-enabled emergency call column and 4G/LTE radio technology link, the 4G/LTE-enabled emergency call column is fully operational without the need for cabling infrastructure.
In addition to the 4G/LTE standard, the emergency call column can also support previous mobile radio standards - 2G/GSM and 3G/UMTS.

- Supports connection according to 4G/3G/2G mobile network standards
- Integration with various carriers
- Powerful solar panel
- Minimum battery life of 5 days
- Rechargeable battery with 18Ah charging capacity
- Optional forwarding of fault messages to a control center or management system
- Monitoring of the radio network connection via cyclic integration with the radio network via an optional emergency call control server
- Low voltage monitoring
- Monitoring of external alarms
- Monitoring of external lighting
- Electret microphone
- Loudspeaker with baroque chamber
- Waterproof loudspeaker and microphone input
- High resistance to mechanical stress and wear and tear
- Optional theft-proof location module
- Optional connection of an emergency call control server for monitoring the equipment
- Optional tilt detection module for mast damage detection
- Self-testing of acoustic operability
- Steel-reinforced polycarbonate switch key - Macrolon
- Reflective lettering
- Opening of enclosure with service key only
- Mounting on concrete base or concrete foundation
- LED status indicator

Additional Information

Serial numer:  64 1 0104 343 6