WFAK All-weather analog compact intercom

Expandable by adding an additional 6-key WFAK enclosure


The WFAK all-weather analog compact intercom system is used to establish direct speech connections with other intercom systems as well as to transmit hands-free messages.

Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, as well as in harsh environments such as heavy industry.

The WFAK Intercom system and the optional WFAK housing are designed for wall mounting and are available in orange and yellow.

The WFAK Intercom station with microphone can be extended by attaching an additional six-key WFAK housing.

- Compact design
- Linear keys can be programmed as extension keys
- Indication of occupancy and caller indication with light diodes
- Secondary priority circuitry as standard
- Programmable reduction of loudspeaker power, e.g. for night time operation
- Ability to adjust the microphone sensitivity level
- Expandable with optional WFAK enclosure
- Integrated loudspeaker and electret microphone
- Dust and watertight fiberglass reinforced polyester enclosure
- Intercom station and extension housing can be joined by a flange

Additional Information

Serial numer:  1 9XX X