DS-6 Analog Interface Module


The DS-6 analog interface module is used as an adapter/interface for connecting amplifiers and analog terminal equipment as part of the DS-6 decentralized communication system.

Analog interface module DS-6 allows you to connect a microphone unit or amplifier with the possibility of organizing 4 public address zones.

An additional PCB module is provided to connect four analog DS-6 devices and has four USB-A connectors for USB media, where alarms or announcements can be stored.

- Fully compatible with DS-6 and TIMM systems
- 96-pole plug-in panel according to DIN 41612 design C
- Front panel features 2 RJ45 connectors and 6+4 LED indicators
- Fuse monitoring
- Intercom system operating current monitoring
- Temperature monitoring
- Individually configurable mode of operation for each port
- Electrically isolated line/control wiring
- Alarm indication (Watchdog)
- Possibility of switching input and output impedances
- Central control point and line voltage are configurable with a jumper in the chassis
- Programmable speaker power reduction, e.g. for night time operation

Additional Information

Serial numer:  2 390 4