WFA-EX Explosion proof
analog intercom

With optional 25W amplifier


The explosion-protected WFA-Ex analog intercom system is used to establish direct speech connections with other intercom systems and to transmit hands-free messages in hazardous environments.

The rugged push buttons with double rotary knob activate the optoelectronic coupler without contact, allowing long-term operation in aggressive, humid and dusty environments.

The WFA-Ex intercoms have low power consumption.

- Fully metallized inner enclosure prevents electromagnetic incompatibility (EMC)
- Service friendly modular design
- Explosion protection through flameproof enclosure
- Integrated loudspeaker and electret microphone
- Easy upgrading/extension of speech connection keys
- Dust and watertight fiberglass reinforced polyester enclosure
- Double rotary call button handles with opto-electronic coupler, each for 2 connections
- Possibility to connect an additional 25 W amplifier
- Linear buttons can be programmed as a landline call button
- Indication of LEDs signals busy and a subscriber call
- Secondary priority scheme as standard
- Programmable reduction of loudspeaker power, e.g. for night time operation
- Ability to adjust the microphone sensitivity level
- Low power consumption

Additional Information

Serial numer:  1 5XX X