Compact amplifier 25 / 50W

With 16 or 48 line keys
2 U / 4 U


The DS-6 19" recessed dispatcher panel is used for direct speech connections with other intercoms, for making hands-free announcements and for performing programmable local functions.

An integrated display provides additional selection options for information in text form. In the ready state the device shows the date, time, day of the week, call directions according to the keystrokes.

Designed to be built into a frame or 19" cabinet, can also be built into a control console.

Depending on the model has 16 or 48 keys. Functionally, it corresponds to the MTSD DS-6 table-top control desk (Art. No. 1 045 0)

- 19" sheet steel enclosure with aluminum front panel
- Direct speech connections with targeted line selection keys
- Functions configurable via DS-6 / TIMM Config
- High speech intelligibility (12 kHz bandwidth)
- Freely programmable keys as WL target keys or local functions
- Microphone monitoring
- Speech memory connector
- Fewer cables required
- Built-in speaker, 8 ohms
- Backlit two-line LCD display
- Detachable linear LED illuminated keys
- Microphone mounted on a flexible boom (300mm)
- USB flash drive optional

Additional Information

Serial numer:  1 278 8
1 279 9