100W Compact Amplifier

Board for crossing the feeder lines of public address zones 1-2 & 3-4

With optional amplifier board for DS-6 PA Control I & II


The 25 / 50 W and 100 W amplifiers have a compact design and serve to amplify the power of the bass signals in the DS-6 systems from Neumann Elektronik. The amplifiers provide connectivity to all voice communication centers with an analog interface.

Due to the different operating voltages, they can be used according to the customer's wishes. They are also used for public address and emergency alarms in small areas and fire-prone zones, in office buildings, storage halls and sites, production areas, construction and production sites.

- Switchable input sensitivity
- Functions according to DIN EN 60849
- Adjustable volume level for day and night operations
- Negligible non-linearity factor ≤ 0.5%
- Control of high and low sound frequencies
- Electronic temperature-dependent shutdown with 85°C ±3K
- Indication by front panel LEDs of the following functions:
ON control ,,Amp.-ON"
Grounding ,,Gnd.-Fault"
Loudspeaker circuit breakage
Overload, or short circuit ,,Overload"
Temperature overshoot
Fuse failure
General fault ,,Fault"
Modulation control for input and output signals ,,In" and "Out".
- Galvanically free connection
- Mandatory call connection for loudspeakers
- Switchable input sensitivity
- Loudspeaker protection with active high pass filter
- Attenuator for various input voltages
- Open mains protection and short-circuit protection

Additional Information

Serial numer:  4 150 0
4 160 1