DS-6 D/A Line Extender

Line length up to 6 km

Protection class IP65


The DS-6 D/A line extender is used in the DS-6 decentralized public address system as well as in higher level TIMM systems.

It provides supervised control of an amplifier with loudspeaker circuitry up to 6 km away from the DS-6 node. Several power options are available for broader use of this extender. The DS-6 D/A extender is connected as standard via a local power supply installed in the immediate vicinity or via an amplifier.

Alternatively, the DS-6 D/A extender can be powered directly from the main DS-6 node. Phantom power (two wire) over shorter distances is also available. With phantom power, the DS-6 extender can be powered directly through the Uk0 interconnect line, so no additional power source is needed.

Connected amplifiers can be monitored for failure with a potential-free fault input, and these fault messages can be routed through the DS-6 or TIMM system.

For industrial operation, a potential-free line/contact is provided on the board to enable/disable the connected amplifier. The DS-6 D/A line extender requires one free Uk0 port on the DS-6 Uk0 -Adapter II

- Length up to 6 km with line control
- Phantom/local power to terminals
- Transformer balanced output (600 Ohm)
- Minimum power consumption (typical 3 W)
- Monitoring of termination devices / amplifiers via:
Potential free fault signal input
Potential-free trigger contact for amplifier
- Weatherproof enclosure with cable glands
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
- Protection class IP65"

Additional Information

Serial numer:  4 180 3