WFD All Weather Digital Up0 Intercom

With optional 25W amplifier

Possibility to connect an additional enclosure


Up0 all-weather digital intercoms are used to establish direct speech connections with other intercom systems. They are used for loud announcements indoors and outdoors in harsh environments, e.g. in heavy industry.

With the reliable double rotary knob buttons are activated non-contact optoelectronic coupler, which allows long-term use of the intercom in corrosive and wet environments.

The intercoms are designed for wall mounting and must be earthed.
The optional WFD housing allows the weatherproof Up0 digital intercoms to be extended with an additional 3 double toggle keys.

User-friendly modular design
- Dialing function with keypad, optionally used as destination keys without backlight
- Integrated speaker and electret microphone
- Easy to upgrade/expand speech connection keys
- Dust and watertight fiberglass reinforced polyester enclosure
- Double rotary call button handles with opto-electronic coupler, each for 2 connections
- EL mode with own optional loudspeaker as standard
- Linear keys can be programmed as call buttons
- LED indication of signals for busy signal and caller ID
- Potential free contact for flash light or siren control
- Secondary priority circuit as standard
- Programmable loudspeaker power reduction, e.g. for night time operation
- Deactivation of the additional loudspeaker after the first intercom call is answered as standard
- Ability to adjust the microphone sensitivity level
- Low power consumption

Additional Information

Serial numer:  1 6XX X