PC-based workstation with 17" touch screen

With alarm and monitoring function


DS-6 PC-based ARM with 17" touch screen is a dispatcher console that provides the use of a monitor to work with visual information. It is used in DS-6 systems in order to improve the usability of the system as well as to improve the color indication of the system status.

In addition to the WL/EL functions of the MTSD dispatcher console, the DS-6 PC-based touch screen workstation can be used as part of the IP SOS operator's workstation. Then the call/alarm and SOS monitoring functions are available in conjunction with the TIMM system and SIP phones (not included).

The touchscreen of the DS-6 PC-based ARM provides an excellent overview of the functions, which are distributed in freely configurable levels. For example, assignment buttons can be programmed according to their function, local assignment or other assignments on various, individually selectable pages

- Rugged 17" touchscreen monitor with integrated PC
- Direct microphone or headset connection
- Includes desktop microphone with foam protection, freely placed on the workstation (wired)
- 2 built-in loudspeakers, 2 watts each
- Pages with background graphics and superimposed target keys
- 40 keys included (optional, expandable to 2,000)
- Included 3 screen pages (optional, expandable)
- Includes hardware key with DS-6 PC intercom software license
- Direct connection to the DS-6 network (also redundant)
- Optionally expandable with a NEUMANN USB audio module for additional microphone monitoring according to DIN 833-4

Additional Information

Serial numer:  1 296 8