DS-6 Input/output module

Freely programmable network I/O controller


The DS-6 I/O module is a freely programmable network controller and can be used in virtually all IP networks with a 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet connection. The module can be used for various solutions due to its numerous inputs and outputs and the corresponding module firmware:

Module: DS-6 Network and Component Fault Monitoring L-# 279 100 44759

The module is used to monitor, among other things, IP DS-6 components (e.g. MTSD) and additional functional components (e.g. amplifier). The IP-DS-6 components are monitored via the Ethernet interface with status messages, the additional components are monitored via the inputs of the I/O module with fault message contacts. All fault messages can be output as collective fault messages on the I/O module via one of the potential-free contacts. Additionally, the I/O module controls the voice announcement button during an alarm, so that a dual button assignment (alarm/no-alarm) is possible.

Module: Alarm/Server Control L-No. 279 160 44755

So that the microphone units are not blocked in the event of an alarm (busy state), the alarm signal is received through the module input/output from the voice memory, which is located in the analog connection module L-# 23904, or in analog or digital 8-channel adapters L-# 33310 / 33343. This allows you to alert other sites at one time. In addition to the alarm, the alarm stop button function is also transmitted. In addition, a monitoring relay is included in the software, which ensures that the additional device is switched on and off.

Module: Connection of alarm devices L- No. 279 130 44752

This I/O module software allows up to six lines of alarm beacons (lamps) to be enabled. The signaling beacons are assigned spatially and from address to destination calling stations (WFD). Depending on the assignment of the target buttons from the main station, both group calls and individual calls to the target stations can be made. During these calls, the alarm beacons are activated by pressing a button. A timer ensures that the alarm beacons automatically switch off after an adjustable time, up to a maximum of 255 seconds.

Module: Siren control / emergency lighting / fan control (drive connection via MTSD) L-# 279 190 44758

This module firmware allows any device (e.g. siren, fan, etc.) to be switched on by pressing a button on the MTSD control panel, a key on the intercom). WFD, etc. For this purpose, the outputs of the I/O module are used to control an external relay (available separately, optionally). The switched-on device remains active for the duration of the key press or until it is switched off.

For far-reaching control tasks, a programmable logic controller from WAGO (or similar) can be connected to the DS-6 system in addition to the I/O module. This makes any combination of inputs and outputs available for flexible control options. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

- Digital inputs with configurable pull-up resistors
- Universal analog/digital inputs with configurable pull-up resistors
- Digital outputs
- Relay (change-over contact) with status display, up to 5 A load at 240 V
- Alarm actuation in DS-6 system
- Timer-controlled activation of light alarms
- Fault monitoring
- 8+2 status LEDs
- Via TIMM configurator in DS-6 network or devices via Ethernet interface
- Easy mounting on 35 mm DIN rails
- Plastic housing

Additional Information

Serial numer:  4 475 0