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Years of experience our company's specialists allow to successfully develop, implement and maintaincomplex projects of various complexity.

Years of experience our company's specialists allow to successfully develop, implement and maintain complex projects of various complexity.

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We offer individual, complex solutions for your needs. All Neumann Elektronik systems are designed on a modular basis, so they are scalable  and reliable in use.

Chemical Industry

We offer communication systems for small and large enterprises that are specifically designed to meet the needs of the chemical industry. The high reliability of the control centers and terminals, which can withstand even the most aggressive environments, meets the highest safety requirements.

Metal industry

Safety systems in metal  industry are of particular importance. Direct connection of all monitoring systems, public address systems, intercoms, hazard and fire alarm systems to a central control station is the basis for the highest level of plant safety.

Oil & Gas industry

We are develop special information and security systems for technically demanding environments such as the oil, gas, and coal industries

Supply and recycling technology

Neumann Elektronik is a reliable partner for utilities and waste management companies in the development, operation and maintenance of communication and safety systems for power plants and incinerators.


DS-6 Input/output module

Freely programmable network I/O controller

DS-6 Analog Interface Module

All-weather compact digital IP intercom

DS-6 audio device

with 8 parallel channels and the ability to record up to 254 audio files

MTSD DS-6 IP42 Control Desk

Extension to 112 keys

MTSD Up0 intercom

With optional dial pad

Intercom system for the machinist

locomotives of railway passenger and freight trains

DS-6 IP Flush-mounted Dispatcher Console

Individual modules with the ability to expand up to 48 subscriber keys

Tunnel horn loudspeaker

100 Volt technology for tunnel operation

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